Complaint: Was treated unfairly

on 17 March 2022 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

So my complain is I went to McDonald’s to get a meal and I had points on my app so I decided to use the points and the points went away without me getting the m meal so I called for a manager to assist me the manager then came to me and said your points are gone and I said yes I did not get a meal and he said ok no problem we went to where I stood there for 30 minutes while everybody looked at me and was talking about me one way and then he’s colleague comes over and says to me you can can have the meal because your points went out I was treated like a beggar and I don’t think that is right because it was not a free meal I use my points that I used to buy on the app every time I did not take the meal as I was very unhappy with the sea service and I went away it was a Big Mac meal

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Suggested solution:

They should have came out and said we will assist you or can you wait there for me to get you a meal as soon as we done we will give you the mail not make me stand there and everybody staring at me like I'm some stupid

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