Complaint: Rubbish service

on 01 January 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

It was 4 am at night and the temperature is -1 degree outside. Went to McDonald’s forest gate london to pick up an order. Its a 24 hour store but the door was closed. Went to the window to ask about my order. They guy at the window who was covering the drive throw had no clue what he was doing. Saw the manager through the window he is sitting at the preparation area. I know he was the manager cause I asked the guy at the window who is he sitting? Than he said me to wait out for 5 mins he will check my order. 5mins later that guy gone to the kitchen from window and another girl started to serve. Asked the girl about the order and she checked straight and told there is no order ready yet, so I need to wait. Wait waited about 1 hour and still no food. It got busy cause of the 31st night. Funny thing was when it got busy all the colleagues went to the kitchen and there was no one to serve even for the drive throw customer. People started to get aggressive who was waiting on the question at drive throw. I have never seen anywhere situation like this. No from the restaurant was bothered. Seemed like they are working like a headless chicken cause no one was serving to any customers. After an hour and half waiting I went to the window and asked about my order and now another lady is saying no order there they run out of food and it’s breakfast time so no burger. I told you guys could have told me this an hour ago rather than keeping me waiting.
The shift manager was literally ignoring everything and sitting at a room and watching from there I believe it was the office.
Just a question put yourself in my place as a customer and think in this cold night if u had to wait 1:30 hours and after that u been told there is no order what I placed 2 hours ago how would you feel?

I know McDonald’s is a busy store but these guys should have prepare themselves for a busy night and focus on how to make money by serving customers not hiding at the back.
When I asked one of the girl who was going in from the side door who is the AREA manager she said his name is Prince. I know it was fake .
I my self is a store Manager of a renown retail chain and I would never tolerate this kind of service attitude behaviour. Something has to be done or you guys will lose customers. May be McDonald’s does not need customers like us.
I need to know what is the outcome and what you guys are doing about the above matter.


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