Complaint: Racist employee

on 10 January 2022 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Today I went to McDonalds and ordered my large monthly order for takeout but when I arrived the door was locked and their was a note on the door that said dining room closed, use drive thru.

Since I order 11 breakfast sandwiches, hash browns and a soda I decided to place my order on the app to pick it up curbside instead of holding up the drive thru line. I placed my order and waited about 15 mins and when I started getting out of my car to go see why my order was taking so long the woman in the window of the drive thru screamed there aint no curbside today pick up your food in the drive thru. Ok, no problem I headed to jump in the long line at the drive thru and waited another 15 mins to get up to the window to get my order. When the lady opened her window she was screaming at whom ever was working by her and said YEAH SHES A WHITE BITCH. I was absolutely shocked that she said that with the window wide open so I could hear her. After roughly another 4-5 mins she opened the window again and said we aint got no Dr Pepper what other drink you want?
I grabbed my phone to take a picture of her to include with this complaint. This is my 2nd complaint at this restaurant and Im not looking for anything for free, something has to be done with this restaurant. Its unacceptable to have to deal with racist workers.
On top of the disrespectful employee my order was missing 3 sausage biscuits (I paid for 10 but only got 7)
I really hope who ever is in charge of this location will take this complaint seriously and take care of the problem. This McDonalds used to be great with customer service but lately its horrible and unprofessional.

Suggested solution:

Hire better employees who aren’t racist and rude.

Racist employee
Racist employee
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