Complaint: Ordered wrong location with no refund

on 20 February 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

On Monday the 15th February 2020 I ordered food from McDonald’s at 15:38pm. On the app, it says that the driver was on its way on map and was able Ito track the driver but it seems that as he was near to my area, the driver was going to the wrong address as the address I registered on the system are similar to the one he deliver to.On the address, it then lost signal so I couldn’t really tell if the driver was really coming back to the right address or not because I had to wait at least over 30mins. I started getting concerned about the delivery process and time and called McDonald’s regarding the order that was scheduled to arrived to my address at 16:20pm and they basically told me to call the company as they have no involvement on what goes on once they’ve sent the foods out. I then called the just eats company to file a complaint of not receiving the food and that it may have arrived at the wrong address and one of the current employees (Jasmin customer service office) telling me that they’ll forward my complain to the investigation team and try and solve the solution and they would send a email too(which would take 24-48hours). I called again, on Wednesday, 17th to tell them the same situation and that I haven’t received the email the said they forwarded to and told me they’ll resend the email to the investigation team again.It’s now Saturday 20th February, and I’ve not received anything update on what’s happened to the delivery and the request for the refund that I ordered. I’m disappointed by the services that I’ve received as though I’ve tried contacting not one, but 3 other customer staff members to resolve the situation which till this day hasn’t been done till this day. All I wanted was a refund and an explanation to why the delivery driver went to the wrong house and why the system hasn’t updated a solution where the delivery driver can contact you when it’s arrived or even have the number plate when tracking the order on the app.

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Customer service team didn’t really do justice as they were just telling me the same thing that’s they’ll forward the email regarding my complaint of the delivery and refund.
Making sure when delivering, u need to have the tracking on at all times there shouldn’t be’ we lost driver signal’ and also make sure that you you can contact the delivery driver DIRECTLY incase he’s having troubles finding his way or that’s yes arrived at their destination.

Ordered wrong location with no refund
Ordered wrong location with no refund
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