McDonalds complaint: Never got milkshakes

on 05 July 2022 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Went to branch in Yeovil Somerset once again they had no milkshakes? And also on this accession no Big Macs ?? What is going on here in Yeovil Somerset went to both restaurants in Yeovil this time and both have no milkshakes this is the 8th Tim this year iv gone to both Yeovil restaurants and they don’t have what I won’t to eat ?? Sort it out ffs ?. In the end I went to Burger King better service polite staff and alway have milkshakes and whopper burgers which are twice the size of your little burgers your a joke

Suggested solution:

Give me my time back and my fuel money spent driving to your stores or restaurants to be told they have not got what you won’t to eat ?? Put all your staff on how to talk and treat customers courses?? Including the managers ? And make shore the milk shake Machine is on 24 7 ie working and staff are doing what they are getting paid to do instead of sat out side playing with them selfs smoking wacky backy ? Get some order and respect in your restaurants? Fgs thanks for nothing

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