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on 17 August 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Dear Mc Donalds,,

Good Afternoon !

Let me introduce myself as Mr. S.Somasundaram.

I ordered ON-LINE food on Sunday 16th August 2020 @ around afternoon 14:40 Hrs and this Order was made ON-LINE from my Mobile phone.

I ordered for 1 Veg Maharaja Burger 1 Veg nuggets 1 French fries. The Total Order amount was Rs 487-

When i paid through ON-LINE NET BANKING through My AXIS BANK Account,,,the Amount of Rs487- got Deducted from my account and i also Got a SMS Message from PayUmoney stating that amount of Rs487- was deducted towards this order i made but after Payment i was NOT Redirected to McD’s webpage.

PayUmoney sent me an SMS saying :- Transaction ID Number is 10909950327 for Rs 487- [ PayUMoney ] and i received this message from PayUmoney @14:45Hours on Sunday 16th August 2020 but i was NOT Redirected to Mcdonalds Webpage after this Payment. After Paying the money through net banking,,the system was simply Rotating and got stuck up in the middle and i immediately i sensed that something has gone wrong because i was NOT Redirected to McDonalds Site after the Payment. So,,i waited for some time anticipating that PayUmoney will Re-Credit this amount Back to my AXIS Bank account as this Payment was recognized by PayUmoney and as i was Not Redirected to McD’s website to show the status of Order.. BUT,,to my astonishment,,neither PayUmoney didnot Re-credit my amount of Rs487-.

Items against this Transaction ID Number is 10909950327 was NEVER DELIVERED. I never got any Follow-Up message also from Mcdonalds. Normally,,we used to get some SMS and some Beautiful Photos saying that :- Order Received Order went to Kitchen Order coming in Bike etc., etc., …like that. But for this Order (against the Transaction ID :- 10909950327) i never received any such Picture on McDonalds Delivery website. Infact,after this payment,,i was NOT Redirected to McD’s Webpage. But money got deducted.

AXIS BANK also sent me an ALERT SMS immediately saying :- Rs487- was deducted from my account by PayUmoney. But i was neither redirected to McD’s websote after this Payment Nor i received items against this particular Transaction ID.

For your ready reference,,i am attaching the e-mail that i received from the Bank:- Dear Customer, Your Ac ……03 is debited by Rs. 487 on 16Aug20. Info: INB762616661PAYU.IN. Call 18605005555 for dispute.

Then,,after waiting for sometime,, i ordered the same items for the second Time ( after waiting for a while) and during second time order,,,Money was deducted by PayUmoney and i was also Redirected to Mcdonalds web page after the Payment. This Transaction ID Number is :- 10910048373 for Rs 487-.The McD’s Order number for this Successful Transaction is SIS-DL-16-08-2020-306954. This Order was Processed Quickly and Promptly Delivered to me by McD.

So,,,now My Request to McD and Your Partner PasyUmoney is :-

The initial Transaction ( Transaction ID Number 10909950327 ) was UNSUCCESSFUL even-though PayUmoney deducted the amount of Rs487- from my account but items were Not delivered against this Transaction.

Hence,,Please Refund My Money of Rs487- immediately to the Same AXIS BANK account from which i paid Rs 487 to PayUmoney McDonalds.

Hope i have clearly explained to you about my Grievances. Try to Resolve at the Earliest Please.

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REFUND my Amount.

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8 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about McDonalds

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