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on 12 May 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I went in the mobile app to place my order today. 4th unsuccessful time I might add. The offer says BOGO so I chose that I chose a Big Mac as step 1 and then I chose 6 chicken Nuggets as my free item and the I chose sweet and sour sauce for my nuggets. Then I wanted to have some French fries with my order so I clicked add to order and ordered a large Fries. I then sent the order. I even put my credit card in to pay with as I didn’t realize I had already had the correct number added to the app. It came up and said the order was $10.10? I thought there was something wrong because the other coupon said Bug Macs were $3.00 When the order was placed on the mobile app? I thought I would check to see what u had ordered so I clicked on Review order. Much to my disappointment the order just said a Big Mac and a large fries? No chicken nuggets so when they brought out my order out to my car there were no chicken nuggets? I told the server and she said she would go back and get my nuggets and my money that was owed to me because I explained what I ordered to her and told her the cost. Next thing I know the manager( I am assuming since he didn’t introduce himself to me) was coming towards my car. He said I couldn’t use two of the coupons with the same order. I said well that’s ok then just give me my chicken nuggets that I had ordered and I’ll be happy. He said he couldn’t because he didn’t have a slip for them on the register? He really needs a lesson in customer service. Now I didn’t get the Bug Mac for $3.00 nor did I get the BOGO deal either!!! I paid full price for both my items that I ordered that I could have simply gone to the drive through ti get when I used the app because it said it was the only way I could use the coupon was if I used the mobile app!!! I am so not happy with that manager!!! He could have solved the problem by just giving me the 6 chicken nuggets and the sauce but he chose not to. Your mobile app is so not user friendly. Please call me in my cell phone ****  for any questions you may have. I am a local business owner in the community and I wouldn’t get very far if I treated my customers as he treated me.

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All I wanted was my 6 chicken nuggets and my sweet and sour sauce!

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