McDonalds complaint: Manchester, NH Locations

Complaint from steeltl reported on 24 May 2024 about McDonalds

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My complaint:

I used your AI for scheduling interviews for jobs that you posted, and sent my resume about 30 times. And everything is set.

I wake up, have to schedule my day around an interview, only to have an over-worked crew to tell me that I need to come back again.

This is not fair.

For my time, can I get some credit in some way.

Either close down, or function.

2 were on 2nd Ave, Manchester, NH. And 3 were on South Willow, NH 03101.

Don’t schedule interviews, if you can’t provide an interview. You have wasted my time.

That is not fair to people.

Thomas Steele
77 Market St. Apt 45
Manchester, NH 03101

Suggested solution:

1 year of Double Cheese-Burger Meals.. (365 per day).

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