Complaint: It all starts at the top and when leadership acts like this so does the crew

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My complaint:

Order the food at the drive in, 2 breakfast burritos, 2 hash browns, strawberry banana smoothie. After paying for the order I checked the bag and was short a hashbrown I told the lady I was missing a hash brown. The lady dressed in leadership clothes told me no its in there, I replied no it isn’t and she said yes it’s in the bag. I said no it isn’t, are you calling me a liar. She replied let me see the bag. I handed it to her and with no gloves on she proceeded to riffle through my order in the bag. After doing so she put another hash brown in the bag and handed the bag back and looked at me with a angry face. I waited for an apology and when one didn’t come I said I don’t appreciate you calling me a liar or riffling through my bag with no gloves on. Her reply Have a nice daaaaayyy. in a sarcastic tone. I left the window and proceeded to Burger King where I threw out the food from McDonalds and ordered new food at Burger KIng where I got greeted with a smile and taken care of in an exceptional way.

Suggested solution:

Compensation for the food and poor experience dont insult me with just the price of the food.

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