Complaint: I ate raw uncooked quarter pounder with cheese meal. Sandwich was raw.

on 17 February 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I purchased a quarter pounder with cheese meal on 21421 from this franchise. I paid $7.98 for the meal and I gave cashier a $10 bill she was supposed to have given me back $2.02 but she didn’t she gave $2.00 back and told me she didn’t have no changepennies and handed me the $2.00. So in general I was short changed from her. After waiting around in the front for 10 minutes they brought my meal to me. I was on lunch break and they almost made me late getting back to my job. So I sat down in break room to eat my meal. After eating some of my sandwich I noticed it was red and rawuncooked as I was eating. So I stopped eating it loooked through the rest of the sandwich to discover it was raw meat. I got sick to my stomach. I got sick I became nauseated and started to vomit. As the day went on I became so ill and sick. I called the McDonald’s store and spoke to a lady named Carolinna and she was very rude and upset with me because I called and told her my food was raw and uncooked that it made me sick. She stated we cook our meals fresh and that it could have been raw then she acted like it wasn’t at her store kept making me repeat myself as if she was understanding the concept of what had happened with my food. She asked as a employee and brushed me off then she said she would give my information to her manager but when I went back to her store the other manager stated she would forward everything to her boss. She took pictures of the food and looked all through the sandwich and discovered it hadn’t been cooked all the way that it was raw.

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I should be compensated because they didn’t refund me my money for the meal and the pain and suffering that I endured. I became sick and I’ll from eating this raw food and it made me feel extremely horrible. I couldn’t keep anything down after eating this raw food. I am looking for compensation and they should be required to pay for me to go to doctor to make sure everything is okay because I shouldn’t have to pay out of my pocket for doctor visits.

I ate raw uncooked quarter pounder with cheese meal. Sandwich was raw.
I ate raw uncooked quarter pounder with cheese meal. Sandwich was raw.
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