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on 27 February 2019 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My name is Teresa. She didn’t want to file a complaint against your manager at McDonald’s at 1808 Beltline Dallas Texas 75253 I’ll come in McDonald’s to eat or drink coffee I’ve already been accused of smoking in the bathroom which I did not do in reality it was one of the employees asked to let me see the video tape she said within 24 hours I’ll come back two days later and ask her to let me see the tape where she caught me smoking which she didn’t she said she hadn’t had time to look at it yet which I think is a bunch of crock because you she has she doesn’t have a heart she doesn’t care about the homeless she’s heartless what if it was reversed and she was in my shoes and somebody harassed her every time she come in McDonald’s how would she feel then I came here this morning February 27th 2019 I believe show me I 10 minutes and I’m not supposed to be in there I’m not even allowed that’s just wrong in reality she thinks she’s better than we are maybe she has but that doesn’t give her the right to change that were trash you know you have a lot of employees working at this McDonald’s but she is basically the only one that has really trashed the homeless thank you have a nice day

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I really don't know I really don't want the girl fired but she needs to have a little bit of respect for the homeless people because we are people too and we have feelings we are just struggling it gives nobody the right to judge us just because we're homeless she needs to not be so heartless to the homeless in the future but really I don't see that happening I don't want the girl fired I just wish she would have some kind of respect for the homeless

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