McDonalds complaint: Food was not prepared correctly

on 19 October 2022 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I stopped by to get lunch after leaving dr office, went to the drive-thur the operator wasn’t friendly at all. I orderd 2 chicken sandwich meals, i ask what all comes on the sandwich and she replied nothing but pickle and butter, i said no pickles please. I get to window i ask if it had mayo, lettuce and tomato she said No that’s the Deluxe do u want that, i said Yes Ma’am, she ask if i wanted both of them Deluxe and again i said Yes Ma’am. I pay go to next window get my food, pull over into parking to eat and realize one is plain only chicken and bun..I look at receipt and notice she charged me for one Deluxe, one plain then charged me to add lettuce and tomato instead of making it a Deluxe which made the price higher than the price of the Deluxe meal. I go back to the drive-thur, tell her the order is wrong and she replies No it’s not, u got one Deluxe and one plain i tell her No Ma’am on my receipt it says add lettuce and tomato and her reply was Oh Well so i said never mind just forget it. Also the chicken was overcooked and hard to eat so i threw it away.I start calling to speak to manager and no one answers. I called 15 times back to back and no one answered. I will not be stooping at this McDonald’s ever again. Bad customer service, bad food preparation. Thanks

Suggested solution:

By replacing my entire order at a different location. Preferably my hometown McDonald's in Amory Ms

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