Complaint: Every order is being messed up and this is becoming a joke

on 27 August 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I have made several orders from Mcdonalds Olton and it keeps going wrong, it’s starting to get ridiculous.

My partner is lactose intolerant and I have stomach issues which is why I make orders without cheese (from time to time I add to mine but regret it)

I have called and spoken to them several times about this and I get told Contact uber when I do, Uber doesn’t give a rats and just say it’s been delivered and that’s it.

Last time I contacted them, I had to make another order, paying out AGAIN for delivery and then called to make sure they wouldn’t add it a second time.

Today, I ordered 2 mcmuffins, with NO cheese, it even says it on the label, yet they add it again.

I am unsure if they are doing it to be malicious or if they are just that dumb, they cannot read, either way, I think I will avoid Mcdonalds from now on.

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Suggested solution:

Refund this one, I'd ask for refunds on the other times they have done this but then I'll have to provide all the evidence and days when I called and upload all the pictures, which I do have still but it's going to be long going through them all.

And another way to resolve this would be, pick a team that can READ the customers request and actually value their customers.

Uploading a gif as proof.

I also rang the store (0121 706 9474) but they wouldn't pick up, I guess they deal with a majority of complaints and don't want to deal with them.

As you can see in the Gif, it even says NO CHEESE, yet it is on there.

Edit, couldn't upload as file is too big, so here it is on Imgur.


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