Complaint: Dangerous happy meal space jam cards

on 21 September 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

My son loves a chicken nugget happy meal from time to time and loves the toys and other gestures that come with them too. Unfortunately, our most recent happy meal was inclusive of Disney’s ‘space jam’ picture cards. As nice as they look, I want spread the awareness of the dangers that are likely to happen to any child like it did to my 3 year old son. I opened the box of cards for him to look at and play with and within about 20 seconds of me giving them and turning my back to carry on with things in the comfort that these cards could do no harm, I heard my son start crying and calling for my help. When I got to him, I saw blood covering his little hands and some on the fabric of what he was sitting on where he was panicking and wiping his hands on it to try and fix his sliced finger. Ok, it was just a paper cut and there wasn’t gallons of blood or anything serious but this was really distressing for my young son to have been put through. Paper cuts can also be just as painful as larger cuts and wounds can be for many people and the fact that he’s three, this paper cut is highly likely to become infected with the extensive exploring young children get caught up in every day. These cards are nothing but a hazard when the edges are cut so sharply that they have the ability to cut through skin!

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Suggested solution:

This problem can be a risk for any young child or even adult. These cards need to be made and cut differently if not stopped all together and until that happens, I feel this risk should be passed on so people can be more aware and given the chance to handle these ‘happy meal’ toys with caution!

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