Complaint: Chicken nuggets

on 06 October 2020 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I went with my muom to pick up an order of chicken nuggets and i noticed when i bit into one they were all spicy hot ii have serious guall bladder issues I do not appreciate your company making chicken nuggets that ne and other young children order to eat with their parents at your all’s restaurant establishment i have seen and heard on google where you all addmitted in making your chicken nuggets spicy and it burned my inside of my stomach lining 2 your all’s butter milk chicken sandwich caused my stomach to be very sick ad nacious not once but twice since ive eaten at your all’s restaurant establishment i heard after i ate the butter milk chicken sandwich i was the 45th person and individual to come down ill from your all’s food another lady came down ill from your all’s mcflurries ice cream if you all don’t start doing a much better safer approach to how you make your all’s food menu items your going to end causing lots of people to be severely sick and ill it’s like the salad’s you all had in your restaurant you knew was positive for E Coli Bacteria and chose not to get rid of it till the last second these types of things need to change and quickly before it can severely hurt anther person the butter milk chicken sandwich needs to be pulled off the menu ASAP and as for the chicken nuggets you all have no business in making them spicy to where they end up burning not only my mouth but young children’s mouths and tummies and I don’t blaim their parents for making complaints about it if I were their child’s parent without any doubt id make a direct complaint too if i were them so i hope this gets looked into and things get taken care of so things like this don’t keep happening like this and another you all need to bring back breakfast cause if you don’t then you’ll start losing business and customers .
Rachel Vroom

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