Complaint: Charging my card and not receiving my order

on 08 February 2021 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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I used the mcDonalds app to place a mobile order for one ice cream cone at $.99 and 1 large coke for $.79 cents (I used the deal on the app) My husband decided he wanted a cone too and I knew I didn’t have enough on my card to change it so I went through the drive thru and when I got to the window I asked the lady if I could add to the order and I would just pay the difference in cash well she added to the order which charged my card which was declined because I didn’t have enough to cover an extra coneI told her that I knew that there wasn’t money on the card and she asked to see my card and I handed her the wrong one and told her that that was the wrong card and so I showed her on the mobile app that once you check in it takes the money off your card and it is paid for automatically she got confused and called the manager over and so explain to the manager that I wanted to add a cone to the order and that I would pay for it in cash and she explained that the worker should have cleared out the sale and had another order made it up for me but that the money would go back to my card I left without anything even though I showed the manager on my cash app where I was charged by McDonald’s for the amount of one cone and one large soda she politely told me that she was sorry but the money would be on my account and she couldn’t give me my original order even though it said on my bank account that I was charged by McDonald’s for my order this morning I have a charge on my account for $1.07, I didn’t get my ice cream or my drink and I’m still charged $1.07 for an ice cream I was told I couldn’t get because my card was declined…how did I get charged when I didnt get anything

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I believe I should get my $1.07 back and I should be given a voucher for 2 free cones and a large drink, the reason for this I came to McDonald's for the cone and drink and that was paid for when I checked in. When I wasn't able to add the 2nd cone, that was not my fault, the manager even said it was not my fault the girl should have totaled it out.,the manager should have honored the receipt when I showed her it charged my card for the soda and cone. And allowed me to purchase the second cone with cash like I asked in the first since I was told I didn't purchase the food and couldn't have it and I was still charged for the second cone on my card it was not only an inconvience but as far as I'm concerned theft of money on my card because I was told it was declined for the second cone(even though she said my card would be reimbursed for the cone and soda I still didn't get)

Charging my card and not receiving my order
Charging my card and not receiving my order
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