Complaint: App Failure or Operator Error

on 28 January 2022 about McDonalds in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

I use the app to order hot drinks every day during the week and have no problems when visiting Highlands in Worksop but a different story at Retford’s Markham Moor. Drinks are ordered before leaving for work, payment details given and an app reference received. On arrival I chose the drive through, completed payment and received an enlarged app reference which was given to the operator via microphone. They ed the order and I proceeded to the collection window glancing at the display at the payment window to ensure the order was correct where I was then told that the payment hadn’t gone through and I now have to go to the back of the queue to pay manually. This has happened twice in recent months at the same retailer turning a quick stop into a 20-25 minute slog throwing the days timetable out of sync. Total nightmare for a couple of coffees. Emailed Nicole and later Tim at customer services and received the ‘brush off’ suggesting I reinstall the app or it is local conditions ( within the Markham Triangle)

Suggested solution:

On the first complaint I was promised some vouchers but they couldn't even get that right and never received anything. Simply asking for them to recognise they have a problem, apologise for a chaotic day and offer a code for a free coffee as a gesture would have been sufficient. Having emailed Nicole and Tim at customers services I have been told it could be 'local conditions' (within the Markham triangle no doubt) or try reinstalling the app and risk losing all your free drink vouchers. Not impressed

App Failure or Operator Error
App Failure or Operator Error
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