Complaint: covid-19 and your lack of response

on 09 May 2020 about Mastercard in category Payment Providers

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My complaint:

Why is VISA (and MasterCard and the others) not being pro active with the current health crisis
the terminals in stores should all be totally contact less. You have this for small amounts in the UK.
Bring the capability to the US
Here is a classic routine that takes time to process and therefore leaves the consumer lingering around at a vulnerable area
1. Insert card. yuk. most terminals like gas station pumps are just visibly dirty
2. type in your pin. yuk. I have to touch the terminal again
3. Is the amount correct. yuk. I have to touch the terminal again
4. Do I want cash back. Yuk. I have to touch the terminal again
5. take your card. Yuk. again I have to touch the terminal and who knows what has now infected my card from the insertion

can you not see that if you take the lead on replacing every terminal how much goodwill that will create
Stop thinking about how much this would cost. Just do it.

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Just replace.............. yes I know merchants can choose where they get the terminals but you and VISA and all the other credit cards need to take the lead

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