Marcos Pizza complaint: Hand washing

on 07 September 2023 about Marcos Pizza in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

She didn’t wash her hands and didn’t wear gloves. When I asked her about wearing gloves she ignored. Me. When she brought me my sub I asked about the gloves again. She said Marcos doesn’t have a policy that gloves HAVE to be worn. I kindly informed her that if she isn’t going to wear gloves she should at least wash her hands. She said the heat from the oven would kill the germs. She did offer to remake my sandwich. But, there’s no telling what she would’ve done to it, so I declined. There are some irate people in this world that would have had a real issue with it. But I’ve worked retail and I know yellow at a rep get you no where. You guys should either update your policy or re-teach your employees. Her ID I’d 1558.

Suggested solution:

Just wanted to inform you of what was going on at this location. A teachable moment may be needed with her.

Hand washing
Hand washing
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