Complaint: Treated like a criminal – 2020.10.25 at 13h30

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My complaint:

I was on my home from the gym.
I did my shopping and was checking out, when the cashier told me to open my gym bag for inspection to see if I had stolen anything.
I asked her if someone had seen me put something stolen in my bag.
he said no, but that I stillhad to open my bag for inspection. I refused to be treated like a criminal.
She insisted, so I insisted that she call the supervisor. He was worse than the cashier, not professional at all.
I explained that I had no interest in being treated like a criminal , and being forced to open my gym bag.
I asked him repeatedly if someonf had seen me place anything in my bag, and not pay for it.
I had to ask four or five times before he finally admitted that no one had witnessed any untoward behaviour. So I asked why I was being treated like a criminal.
He had no good answer. I finally relented and, with disgust, turned my bag inside out to show that I had not stolen anything.
This manager accused me of inappropriate behaviour because I raised my voice, because I was very upset.
When I asked his name, he turned and ran away.
Quite shocking.
I can tell you that LIDLused to be my favourite place to shop for groceries (I can show you all the receipts.), and now I cannot iamgine setting foot in your supermarket again.
You destroyed my Sunday and my good feelings for LIDL.

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Suggested solution:

You shamed me in front of all the other shoppers. I think that I have now been turned irrevocably into a Continente customer.

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