Complaint: Ladbrokes takes your money even if you’ve won.

on 03 February 2022 about Ladbrokes in category Gambling

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My complaint:

Ladbrokes takes your money even if you’ve won.
Other online casinos don’t do this-

Why does Ladbrokes take your betting money away even if you didn’t lose?

For example on other casinos if my balance is at £50 and I bet £5, my betting money will stay in my balance until the bet has gone through and I’ve either won or lost, if lost it will take the £5 away but if won then my bet doubles (as it should) and I get £10 which takes my balance to £60.

On Ladbrokes if my balance is at £50 and I bet £5 it will take this £5 away straight away- even if you win the bet- you will still lose your money.
It will say you’ve won £10 but your balance will only go from £50 to £55 because they bet it from £45 because they take your bet away anyway??? I bet at £50 not £45? I won and you say the moneys doubled but it is not doubled when you take the £5 away anyway?

Other casinos DO NOT do this
You bet at your balance and it GOES FROM THAT

It seems really cheeky and scammy that they do this.
If you lose fair enough of course you take the money away but the bet is won why is my bet being taken and not actually doubled properly.

All games on the site do this, doesn’t matter which one.

Suggested solution:

Explanation and hopeful change

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