Complaint: Cash out unavailable

on 07 June 2022 about Ladbrokes in category Gambling

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My complaint:

After I deposited using my card and placed the qualifying bet I was given 4 £5 free bets (as a courtesy because I’d had the account for some time but only ever deposited using PayPal). The last of these bets was placed on a ten match acca on the football. My first 9 selections were correct with the last match – Bermuda v Haiti (10pm kick off). The match had a ‘watch’ symbol next to it indicating there was a live stream (which there wasn’t). There was no cash out available as the match in question was ‘suspended preventing cash out’ for its entirety. My potential winnings if ALL selections won was £83. I don’t know what the cash out would have been for having 9 out of 10 correct??? I assume around £2530. Needless to say my final selection didn’t come in therefore my bet was lost. I contacted Ladbrokes via live chat and was given the same text book answers. Cash out isn’t always available even though we try our best to provide the option. You should never place a bet with the sole intention of cashing out (I don’t but it’s nice to have the option). Our decision will stand and no ‘compensation’ is available.

Suggested solution:

I suggested, as a good will offer from them, that I’d accept £25 cash credit or free bets equivalent. I believe this would have been fair as the cash out option wasn’t available. It could possibly have been more than that but I felt that would have been a reasonable option. My argument is not the fact I lost the bet (I’ve lost countless bets over the years) but it feels unjust and unfair that Ladbrokes aren’t giving the punters a fair shout at winning (which is hard enough anyway) by slapping suspensions on games that you assume will be covered live!!!!

Cash out unavailable
Cash out unavailable
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