Krispy Kreme complaint: New management

on 21 July 2022 about Krispy Kreme in category Clubs / Pubs / Cafés

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My complaint:

I worked for Krispy Kreme for four awesome year under an excellent General ManagerDistrict Manager. When they left the company it all went down hill. The new management team did not care about what was done at the store before they got there. They kept saying everything we did In 4 years was wrong. In January I developed pink eye and I couldn’t go in to work for 7 days because my condition was contagious. The General manager at the time kept wanting me to come back like the next day. I was the only manager there at that time training five new employees. It got really hectic and stressful. I was taking medication to deal with my job. General manager didn’t want to pay me sick leave when I was out with pink eye and I had 80 hours that was given to me at the beginning of the year. I contacted HR about being paid sick leave. My response from them was they’re work with the General manager to have that paid to me. Several paydays passed and no paid. I emailed the General manager and asked when can I receive my sick pay. No response. Everything I texted the GMDM I never got a response from them. How professional is that? I stay in contact with a lady I worked with the 4 year. I asked her can she check with the GM to see when I’ll receive my pay. He told her he wasn’t paying me I send a email to a GM that worked at our store temporarily and she was the one that finally made sure I receive my sick pay. I lost my life insurance and my car insurance lasped. Krispy Kreme managers are so unprofessional. This situation happened mostly with the GM that was there at the time. He’s not with the company anymore. The DM harassed me so bad. I will explain the situation with the. DM later if needed.

Suggested solution:

if it wasn't for the District Manager I would still be working there. He made it like my 4 years there meant nothing to him. He's awful. The GM that left told the DM that the store is going down because of him.

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