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My complaint:

I went to KFC approx. 7:20pm ticket 2272 on 3-19-2022, per the ticket my cashier was Jermaine, I didn’t get the managersupervisors name.
However; I thought it unprofessional that he would stand in view of customers at the window and eat a cookie (tall African American male).
I ordered 2 -5 dollar fill-ups and a 2 piece leg and thigh, which I though was 6.49 and the fill-ups were 5.00
my quick calculations said wo tax that would be about 16.50, but I was told that it was 21.44 and this was after a 7% senior discount. I saw the manager come out to get a drink from the fountain for himself; so I asked why the price was so much, since he assisted the cashier with the sale I thought he would be the person to ask and he said I don’t know I didn’t even look at your receipt. (How did you assist and not look at the receipt) so he went behind the counter and looked and said you only getting 1.00 back, again I asked about the cost of the items I ordered and he said that is all you getting back is 1.00, so he began to return that amount with some gestures (blowing lips-huffing )showing he had had enough of me, and his staff said she just holding up the line. ( I was so confused that the mistake was on the companies side and I seemed to be the bad person) So I said I just want to understand, is the 5.00 fill up no longer 5.00 he said no. but the sign said it was 5.69, (5.69 x 211.38 6.4917.87-1.25(7% senior discount)16.621.06 (5.35%) tax17.68 even after the 1.00 return I was charged $2.76 to much.
so I mentioned that and he said there is only a .30 cent difference, you want me to give you .30 I said I am just trying to understand, he looked at his staff (2 people) and said I don’t need this tonight, with a host of others behind me. If this is the new KFC and how I have to get treated for a dinner to take to a person that has been in the hospital for over a month I would prefer not to be at a KFC.
I felt wronged and embarrassed and frightened I am 70 years old 5 feet tall, even if was .30 wasn’t it mine (hence asking for senior discount)
I know COVID was bad and you lost a lot of people, but please take the time and recruit people that want to help and serve, I don’t feel these were the ones.

Suggested solution:

I am not sure of the resolution
but if I went and was afraid, and intimidated and cheated. will all of the other elderly feel the same or what about teenagers, will this provoke them to act out.
Will this stop the elderly from wanting to come to this KFC and frequent one that doesn't have such a hostile and intimidating atmosphere? I surely won't go back, I can't afford to go back, I am on a fixed income

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