Complaint: False Advertising

on 10 February 2022 about KFC in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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My complaint:

Recently on TV KFC is running an ad that shows a box of 10 piece chicken pieces for $13.99. The picture on TV shows a big carton of chicken overflowing that is really rounded on top. Last week we went to the East Side KFC in Gallup, NM and placed an order for the 10-piece $13.99 carton of chicken. When we got home and pulled the chicken carton out of the sack it was about 34 full. The chicken pieces were so small that they looked like they came from a very small chicken. It was so disappointing since the size of chicken pieces at KFC have proportionally gotten smaller and the price of chicken has steadily gone up. I will not be going to KFC anymore in the future if this is the new way KFC sells their chicken pieces. Very disappointing!

Suggested solution:

Start selling chicken pieces that would be equal to the picture in their ad. I feel that KFC is falsely misleading the public and not selling chicken as they advertise.

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