Kelloggs complaint: Broken Teeth

on 25 May 2023 about Kelloggs in category Food and Beverage Brands

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My complaint:

I had received a box of Kelloggs Vector cereal the jumbo size. Before I wanted a bowl of cereal I choose to take some dry cereal, an other snacks to bed while I watched some tv. I had several snacks, chips marshmallow treats, crackers and the baggie of cereal. Ate some chips then decided to eat the cereal, had a couple flakes they are very tasty no problem with the taste. Grabbed a few clusters that come in the cereal too, popped one in my mouth bit down, noticed instantly wow very hard, and bits remained in my mouth like little pieces of gravel or sand and I had to swallow them.

Took another one and the worst thing possible happened my lower back molar on my RT side split as I bit down on the cluster it felt like i had glass very small ground up glass in between my teeth. I couldn’t believe what i heard from my mouth and didnt realize the same cluster glass like pieces still in between my top an bottom teeth bit down to make sure it was gone wasnt teeth came together and crunch the spilt tooth came out in 2 chunks, which forced out my filling, the filling is in 1 piece.

My molar now is lower then my gum line with a jagged chunk above next to my tongue. I still can’t believe this happened. Unfortunately I had another cluster in my mouth and the nightmare didnt end with just 1 breaking loose, my molar on the top LT side in back broke in several pieces but I swallowed most of it. That tooth is such a serious problem its extremely sharp and it slices into my tongue and cause open wounds in my mouth. I’m now left unable to chew on one side as I had a molar pulled years ago and now it’s an open hole where i cant eat properly. I’m having to adjust everytime i chew food. I NEED my teeth and i cant go without this being taken care of.

Suggested solution:

I\'m on disability have been for a few months. End of last year my body shut down, found out I also have to have surgery on my RT ankel the Achilles tendon is ruptured so I wont be working for very long time. I\'m not covered for Dental right now, this is a must to be fixed (the 2 molars). I have been for disability benefits so I have coverage for dental apps emergencies and prescriptions, because my RT back tooth is broken out so low its hitting the open nerve. The LT upper molar is so sharp the jagged piece that its every 3rd or 4th chew that it slices into my tongue as I est. And chewing is the hardest the spaces wont allow me to bite down on my food.

I need help to get them fixed. I\'ve never asked for help ever, and if it was just the bottom molar filling, I\'d go have it filled again, but both teeth parts are missing and theres 2 teeth night, same cereal in a baggie, 2 different pieces of the clusters from the Vextor cereal. Thank you for viewing my issue. Kylla Rai Carlson

Broken Teeth
Broken Teeth
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