Jollibee complaint: Lost pwd id

Complaint from Dorothee A. reported on 05 May 2024 about Jollibee

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My complaint:

Good morning,

My husband Rafael Anglo is a dialysis patient, his schedule is first case that means he had to buy food first before he will undergoe the treatment. Last wednesday May 1 , 2024 he went on a drive thru at Jollibee Lacson around 3.30-4:00 am bought his breakfast ( this us routine mwf) then when the cashier hand in the cabs he compalined that his id is missing ! and the cashier insisted that she already gave it to my husband. Then my husband insisted that he did not receive any id when the change was hand in to him. My husband took the liberty to go inside the store , gave his number for them to contact him just it case he might see his Id. Couple of days past, May 3 i went here at the store to chekc if they have any update ! i got no action, they went thru all the ids abg ours is missing ! They ask for an apology and turn around ! It this is good customer service ! We all know we badly need the pwd id because my husband is a dialysis patient! I am very much frustrated that we did not receive any follow up call, know accomodated accordingly here at the store !

Suggested solution:

They should have offered option to help us, process the id so we can file a claim for another id

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