Complaint: Going out several times

on 16 May 2020 about John Player Cigarettes in category Tobacco / 420

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My complaint:

I bought 20 cigs at least 15 cigs I’ve lit has gone out 3-4 times this is not the 1st time I’ve been smoking your cigs for at least 20years I would like an explanation to why this is happening it’s made my anxiety go thru the roof i look forward to your response I dnt want to change brands but i cnt cope with the anxiety an embarrassment in front of my smoking collegues there persecuting me with the same question over an over why do u smoke the above brand also there pushing me to smoke there brands if I get pushed any further I think i could be tempted to change brands…if you could please respond as soon as possible I’m at my wit’s end this problem has been having an effect on my life over 3 months now

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I would like an explanation as to why the cigarettes are going out 3-4 times I\'m fumin I\'d like compensation maybe a few packs of cigarettes..even a response would do I\'m not the only person who\'s got the same complaint

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11 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about John Player Cigarettes

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