Complaint: Racial Discrination

on 16 January 2021 about Jewel Osco in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

I came into the store in an emergency to utilize the restroom facility. There is a method of asking for the 4 digit password. I complied with the female clerk in the front of the entrance of the store to get the
code. I opened the door went in and made sure I put the red on from the green to make sure no one enter prematurely. Not more than five minutes within relieving myself I encountered a knock on the door and I responded. There’s someone in here! I’ll be out soon! Then within a minute or two after that the very same clerk who gave me the four digits barged in prematurely. While I shout in total disgust. What? She put the code and rather than say I’m sorry . She lied and said the door was green so I entered. Rather than just tell the truth. She wanted me to hurry up for someone else preferably white could use the restroom. After that I got up I’m the middle of relieving myself and got up clean myself up and I was by the door trying to get dress the a security officer or officer of the law barged in then by this time I already had enough after I was already disrespected enough. A big white guy comes up and intrudes on me and says you have to go. I said I was already coming out to confront the lady who barged in on me. He flashes his badge and says that he doesn’t want me to speak to her and says she was well within her right to barge into the washroom because the signal switch it was on green instead of red and I left it on green when I went in. So she didn’t give him the full story. I wanted to rectify the situation before it got well out of hand. I was praying that I could use my camera phone to quell the situation but it elevated because the Marshall or whoever he was hollered at me and said I cannot use cameras inside the store when they’re filming us everywhere in the store? I came out filming asking and wondering where was the manager? As you’ll be able to see on what film I did get of the incident. Then to make matters worst. The deputy guy put hands on me and told me to stop filming. I’m not supposed to be filming inside the store. I told him that I wanted a manager or assistant manager to speak to and I got this little short guy who was supposed to be an assistant manager. The deputy fella was still not producing the store girl clerk and I went away looking the deputy manager square in the eyes. Now if the store clerk lady would’ve appeared it could’ve been resolved. You all at Jewel should never underestimated an innocent Black Man just because you feel you can barge in on him at a very inappropriate time and disrespect him as if he is a criminal or a problem just because he’s of a diff ENT skin color than you all.

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Suggested solution:

Speak with me and my lawyer for starters and I’ll let you know that the law has been broken by your security for putting hands on me for complaining about being violated for using the toilet, I have footage and of them make believing I was a criminal and them being the criminal. The little lady in question ( Karen) who started this hot mess. I want her present. Then we can work on negotiation and terms of my human not civil but human and civil rights being violated.

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