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My complaint:

I was hired and during training I was insulted by the manger training me she knew when she hired me that I wear hearing aids and on my first day during training she insulted me by saying what’s wrong you can’t hear me and laughed then she told me to go outside take my shirt off and go home I was fired I never been so hurt I’m 46 yrs old and never been insulted like that in my life I’m despress I was happy that I had the job but I didn’t know y’all hired people like this something has to be done I’m gonna talk to a lawyer about this I know it’s not your fault but that girl will never insult anybody again and I’m gonna make sure about that I love jersey mikes but I won’t go to that one again I’m embarrassed I just can’t believe this

Suggested solution:

I want that lady out of there and a settlement

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