Complaint: issues for over a MONTH!

on 10 March 2022 about Instacart in category Supermarkets / Grocery Stores

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My complaint:

after find out I had covid I was un able to work and had absolutely no money to go shopping, and couldn’t leave my house.
a friend blessed me with $50 credits for instacart
everytime I tried to order there was an issue, for weeks it kept saying my gift card had already been redeemed, after asking several times to speak to a supervisor and being told no I FINALLY got tk speak to one and she fixed the issue, I did mention to her I really needed groceries as I had no money except this gift card.
IT WAS NEVER mentioned I needed a $10 hold fee to use a gift card! this hold fee is in case myborder exceeds the limit which is ABSALUTLY ridiculous because if for some reason it does exceed it won’t let you place the order anyways.

so I’ve wasted a damn MONTH of my time with no groceries, I really thought during a pandemic something like instacart would be a great idea but its left me with nothing but frustration and tears!

oh and I called again tk speak to a supervisor about this issue and was left kn hold for 45 minute’s and never got to talk to one.
I should be re compensated for all this time lost and for the stress it has caused me but there is no way tk complain about an issue like this, I can only put in a complaint about an order already placed, HA I haven’t even got tk place my order and have already been through HELL

Suggested solution:

I should be compensated for the months worth of lost time, stress, TEARS, I've spent a month without being able to get my groceries! this is despicable!

They can easily look up on my account how much issues I've had with trying to order, it shouldn't cause this much distress especially since alot of sick and disabled people have to use instacart!

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