Complaint: Get better franchises they are ruining your name completely

on 06 October 2021 about IHOP in category Fast Food / Delivery / Takeaway

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Hi . I went and ate at 2 of your stores here locally in KC and as a owner myself of a chain of similar restaurants to ihop for the last 32 years of my life  I just wanted to let you know that your stores are absolutely in a horrible state right now. I was told the owner went on vacation to her second home in another state. You really think that it is acceptable as an owner to these stores to just take off to your second home and have a nice and dandy vacation when you have 2 stores that I visited just recently with one having 1 server and the other only having 2 servers running the busy Saturday and Sunday morning shifts with absolutely no managers at all and not even someone to seat the door which EVERYONE knows has to be the busiest days for a restaurant such as IHOP and you being an owner should have put your selfish ways on the side and helped your own stores struggle through what I witnessed. The ihop kansas city kansas address was a nightmare. That poor server running a weekend morning shift ALONE was completely appalling to watch. I felt so bad that they had to struggle THAT bad in a disastrous, not clean store at all all with syrup all over the floors  hearing the sound of the soles of my shoes as I kept walking and sticking to the floor it was a circus in that store. Food was on the seats and they never wiped tables in between customers it was an awful scene. The carpet smelled of sour mold. Eggs were brushed into the corners of the restaurant due to laziness.You would rather loose that one server who is trying their absolute best to keep it together as they are frantically stressed and overwhelmed being the only server on the floor in a rush than close your store ? Absolutely selfish of you . And the park store you have across from a cheesecake factory on 119th in Kansas you had only 2 servers on a weekend morning shift and they were so busy . Watching it in repeat after just having an awful experience at the kansas city kansas restaurant you have was a nightmare. It was so obvious that the stores had to be connected because of the awful service and the way they were both running I had to my suspicion with the server . Low and behold I was correct the two stores have the same owner. I’m sure that the reason you do not have any staff is because of YOU. You as as an owner are not blind to this there is absolutely NO way you could be I believe that you see and know the condition of your stores and selfishly go about your life as if your employees mean nothing to you. You pretend to not see the issues so you can live a stressful lavish life. The way these two stores were functioning CAN NOT be how IHOP is supposed to be I’ve been to several across the states and have never experienced what I had experienced from your two ihops after calling someone I know who owns ihops in my home state and discussed it with them they had told me you were the GM of the year? What an absolute joke that has to be ! I couldn’t even believe it. It is by far definitely NOT deserved one bit. Now that I know this is a franchisee store I will definitely be reaching out to ihop corporate about this . I’m disgusted and you should be ashamed. Get yourself together and GET INTO YOUR RESTAURANTS AND HELP THEM! And for IHOP please set your standards higher and observe how your franchises are running their store because I can guarantee you this franchise I visited puts a horrible name on the company there were so many customers around me that said they will never come to any of these ihops ever again and maybe never any ihops again. You are loosing customers fast. I could never let my stores run in such way.  The owner of these 2 stores really needs to be observed IMMEDIATELY. It’s hard to believe the owner knows ANYTHING about business. What an absolute shame.

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Actually observe thoroughly what franchises are doing to you guys this one forsure is a reason you loose money as a company in whole why have bad franchises representing you ? ihop is seriously slacking and your franchises who are supposed to represent you are doing the damage

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