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on 20 March 2022 about H&R Block in category Financial Services

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hello its been a while I file my taxes that 5 years taxes.this area actually i understand that consequence over world suffer the covid19 .their no office or what ever and etc. i call the phone this office leave to call me back . but I did received any return call. i try to come that to meet the girl how file my tax but she not there i spoke the front girl and she said she on the other location . so i want my tax fix as soon a possible. I’m really frustrated coz even my tax 2020 affected i lost the benefit the doubt. the CRA block my account cause I been bugging them whereas my refund the lady doing my tax. i been big money as she said i have copy here on my hand. well , i i try to call the tool free number about this . then to fix it . so i went Somerset location in Calgary Alberta .

I spoke miss penny to check my document as she said there no problem . what? why should i waste my time to call and meet this person or common their something wrong on my paper work that girl who file my tax. its really mental abuse on me to keep settle to government about my refund that was on record. Otherwise , CRA send me . for shout cut , i call the tool free and sent messenger to my penny . that what she can suggest for this situation. as she theirs no problem of my tax . wow really ridiculous to hear that. the things more sad this people I meet . more worse 2x coz since spoke to penny about my tax. so cannot open my files on system me either, as said CRA block my account even I can`t open. 2 yrs ago since then.

I try to be patient , I cant handle no more. when i spoke the second agent of this company what action she want to resolve my complain . and what action she need to ask permission to me that the reason i meet her. this miserable action that she request to do electronic that to do my filles my tax again for the error. but she never ask me permission to do any action as to fix this error. more problem on they sent me a letter lock my account. so what d o think ? with out my permission is really scared and so stranger since I’m on the to talker to her. anyway , I don’t to make this complain long .

More talk more mistake but I’m make I have document that the CRA OFFICE THAT 5 YRS tax files their some error. one thing , I confuse on record she access me on march 2 2019 that I files my tax from 2015 to 2019.
the same date and time but when I open my account the day after I file she reassessment my tax 2019. so post be when sent the same date and time. that the reason why have coz she reassessed my 2019 tax I don’t know what she did so everything is missing up. everything is fuck up.

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As I said I can`t open my account since . I got head ache . the things doing is more worse . well , to resolve this problem or rather we go fader case more problem in your company. I\'m ready to file this complain to court . been a while I\'m fighting my tax refund as the lady did it. well I\'m just asking when i call the tool number better you give me back the amount i paid . so can go another company to this problem or error. coz i lost All the benefit that I HAVE. my 2020 Tax refund the amount of 2,700 is gone they keep it because this error from, this company that more harder you what i mean. its really scroll yup when i call then i own money the amount of 27oo . plus. wow its really tired . been to 2 yrs try to setting my files. now what i asking is just to return my money so i can refill my tax as soon as possible . thank you. I HOPE TO Hear what resolutions you think this kind of complain as i said its really
mentally , frustrated being a client of HR and block . before I go forward to my case .i hope to you soon as possible

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