Top 5 Smartphone Complaints

Few people do not have a telephone these days. You probably also read this article on your indispensable piece of technology. In addition to keeping in touch with friends, it is also your biggest source of information, payment method, navigator and photo camera. In short: super annoying if it doesn’t work properly.

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Top 5 smartphone complaints

1. Safety Issues

With smartphone production increasingly shifting to developing countries in the South-East Asia, it appears there have been increasing incidents of phone safety failures. Perhaps the most glaring of these examples was that of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7. Who could forget the fear struck into customers as a result of their smartphones inexplicably setting on fire, and in some cases exploding!

This was thanks to a fault with the battery component. When the phone was carrying out multiple processes at the same time, the battery could overheat and set alight. Some phone users suffered serious burns as a result. But the problem has not been limited to Samsung, with Apple and Huawei also dealing with claims of their phone spontaneously combusting.

2. Performance Issues

As if smartphones setting themselves on fire wasn’t bad enough, there’s been increasing accusations made by customers unhappy with the performance of their smartphone. In many instances, smartphones are unable to last through one day’s usage without the need to be charged. This is despite the manufacturer making claims to the contrary.

Apple in particular has seen a surge in complaints, with many users furious after spending thousands on a new handset, only to find that it can’t even last the pace for 24 hours. The smartphone company came under even more scrutiny when they openly admitted that they slow down performance on older models to preserve battery longevity.

3. Cameras Not Living Up to Expectations

Many of us buy smartphones for the simple reason that they are many devices in one. These days, music players, internet browsers and cameras are all included as standard. Yet despite the advertisements displaying beautiful well-lit photos taken by different smartphone models, the reality is often much different.

Cameras often fail to shoot in the quality claimed, particularly in low light settings. What’s more, the photos paraded in adverts have been proven to be heavily edited with expensive software, rendering the comparison to the real thing useless.

4. Storage Space

There’s nothing worse than having to delete photos, videos and other important items on a smartphone in order to be able to carry on using it as you would like. Many phones tempt buyers with lower prices that their competitors, however they leave figures about items such as built-in storage in the small print.

What this means for Android users is that they have to purchase additional SD cards in order to have adequate space for their data, driving up the overall cost of the phone. Of course, this option isn’t even available for manufacturers such as Apple. The only option is to spend hundreds more on a model with a larger amount of storage space.

5. Privacy Issues

Nowadays, everyone is aware that tech companies are making a profit over consumer data. Most people care about a certain degree of privacy. Because you are always online with your phone, consumers are becoming increasingly aware that their privacy is at stake. There are some possibilities to protect yourself against this intrusion, but the majority think that the companies that make use of all data (mis) should change their way of doing business.

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