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My complaint:

Store does not have a VISIBLE sign anor a greeter that makes people aware of store policy, which requires masks. Also the carts are with the ccleaned carts is getting filled by people leaving the store apparently the carts that were supposed to be clean are NOT!!! We have a LARGE NUMBER of out of state visitors (Florida, Georgia etc) who come to Maine for the summer and Hannaford does NOTHING to protect Maine from becoming the new center of infections!

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Follow mask guidelines and have a no mask no service policy! Clean the carts, IF YOU HAVE NO SHIRT NO SHOES: NO SERVICE!!!! WE NEED EVERYONE IN THE STORE, Staff and customers alike, wear masks! It is simple for Hannaford! SIGN AT THE DOOR NO MASK NO SERVICE End of story!

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9 months ago - We have posted a tweet about your new complaint about Hannaford Supermarkets

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