Complaint: Being tracked like a criminal.

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My complaint:

I shop in this store regularly. Ihave a neck and facial scarf.i normally wear.I forgot it.When the mandates began i called store about my constitutional rights and not wearing a mask.I was told I not wearing a mask would not get me through out of store.yesterday I was tracked down by 3 men for not having a mask on .I was in the bakery are a they did no social distancing.I explained that I had Constitutional rights and had spoke to manager.I called for the manager and he said that there wear programs for food pickups .he didn’t care about me having civil liberties.I just came to drop off a dvd.and purchase an item…I was upset about 3 men running me down .on the way out a young was stationed at the entry.I said to him I would not have 3 men treat me this way.And he told me I could leave…..

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Not sure how .I am considered a senior.They have no respect for me or my constitutional freedoms.I may take this action against my wellbeing to a higher system....

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