Complaint: Why can’t I feed my family? Greendot

on 25 September 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

Purchased a card at Walmart and deposited $500 on it. I took it home registered and activated
the card. Made 2 transactions then needed cash (package says it can be used at ATM’s) went to ATM and realized no pin number. So I call the number on the back of card and get a nice pleasant woman, explain my issue and she gives me a website to correct it. Wrong, wrong and wrong. She gave me a web address that does NOT exist. I call back and find out they are closed. Really nice Greendot, even though they are a contracted vendor they work for you. Called back next morning and got the run-around for 3 hours and finally a supervisor gave me a number at corporate. I’m told the same thing. Can’t do nothing until my permanent card comes in 15 days. First off you lied and advertised falsely by printing ATM use on the packaging. This gave me the belief you can use it right away. Wrong, wrong wrong again. Second you don’t know anything until you HAVE paid and opened the package and by that time you already screwed. I can’t even take MY money that I EARNED OUT OF YOUR BANK UNTIL MY PERMANENT CARD ARRIVES. WTF kind of bank is this. You hold MY money hostage and won’t let me have access to what is mine. That is one warped way of ensuring customers can’t take their money out and change banks. I am done with you and if and issues arise I definitely let the work know.

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I've already been told that it can't be fixed so I guess my family goes without. Thanks slot you really know where to stick it to someone in my position.

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