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on 13 April 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

Having an issue with stub hub charge of 285.67 green dot did nothing so after 5 weeks i got a hold of the better buisness bureau they made there investigation found i didnt owe the money so stub hub sent my money back. All done right??? Wrong 2 months later green dot says they finished there investigation and i owed the money and sent my money back to stub hub?? Wtf. Also i have been trying to close my account since July 2020. So now its accumulated $7 a month charges has gone negative and cost me over 50points loss on my credit rating. Not to mention thinking they had closed the account they had negative 285.67 negative $70 acct fees . which they took out of a stimulis check.

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Suggested solution:

They need to one.. Pay me 285.67and the 70 and a insuffetent fund fee of $50 a month (10 months) plus intrest of default 29.9%. Which is the very same thing they would do to me if i didnt pay. Totaling $855.67 intrest $505.17 grand total $1360.84. That ia what they should do. Yes that is a period

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