Complaint: Rejection of direct deposit

on 21 January 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I called Green Dot customer service and spoke with a representative on Thursday Jan. 14th. I informed the female representative that I had an account with Green Dot and that I was going to give TurbotaxIRS my account and routing numbers to have my stimulus check deposited into my account. I also told her that my last name would be different from what my last name is with the bank. The check would be in my married name but my account is in my maiden name. But I am the same person. I told her that I could provide proof of identity if need be. She said that is was not necessary and that the check would be approved and accepted as long as I gave TurbotaxIRS the correct acctrouting info. TurbotaxIRS attempted to deposit my money but of course Green Dot rejected the deposit. That was the whole reason why I called and ed with Green Dot first, if it was going to be a problem I never would have given Turbotax my Green Dot info. Of course I would have provided them with another bank account info. But I was reassured that this was not going to be an issue. My money was sent back to the IRS. Without a phone call, an email, or not even a text. Had they notified me before rejecting my money I would have given them absolute proof that I am the correct person. Everyone knows the state of our country right now. That money wasn’t much but it was going to provide food for my family and pay a couple of bills. I’m sorry and I apologize for this mishap is not going to help me. I wish I had just went with the other financial institution instead of Green Dot. But I believed the representative, she works for the company. Why would I not trust her when she ed that my money would be accepted. Now I have to file a Recovery Rebate and wait for about another month or longer to get my money. Meanwhile Green Dot employees are going home to their families and I have to go home to mine and figure out what I’m going to do to feed my household without the money I’m supposed to have right now.

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That's the thing, they are not going to resolve my complaint. Its not their problem, why should they care. Honestly, the company lied to me plain and simple. Green Dot is another name for Fraud. They have lost a loyal customer and anyone and everyone I know won't be a customer anymore as well. Any and every chance I get, I'm going to make it known that people should not waste their time and money with this bank. They don't give a damn about their customers.

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