Complaint: Not Providing Accurate Information

on 03 April 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

My tax return was sent to my money card account March 29, 2021 your company representatives put my card on block, couldn’t none of your representatives give me an explanation to why the account was on block, your representatives told me that I would need to upload my documents to verify my identity, one of your representatives provided me the wrong email address he provided me was I repeated AND spelled it out the representatives ed yes that is the right email I called back later because my email was not going through I spoke with someone else I asked them why was my account blocked she told me that it was company policy she also told me that she would make sure my email would go through and to try again in a 1 hr ,I called back 3312021 Tuesday morning I asked to speak to a supervisor, I told the supervisor what was going on and she told me that I was sending it to the wrong email she provided me with I sent my documents again and asked her why my account was blocked and she said on my return it had my last name first and my first name last hung up with her and called 412021 Thursday see if my account was unblocked cause they told me to give them two business days each time I’ve called a representative told me to wait two business days they have been telling me this since Monday so when I called 412021 Thursday a supervisor told me that the documents wasn’t attached to my case and that he would attach them to my case and told me to wait another two business days I called back Saturday 432021 and she told me that I would have to resend my docs again because she didn’t see where I sent the email. I’m very frustrated and irritated because cant nobody give me a good explanation to why. MY account is on block they been telling me since Monday to wait two business days to unblock my card and they haven’t I just want my money off this card I am a single mother and I don’t have a job at the moment so I’m depending on my tax return for alot of reasons and I feel as your employees is holding my money hostage and I am not okay with that at all.
Each time I call on the second business day to see if my account is unblocked there is always another reason to why it’s not and I’m fed up I have never had this much issue with unblocking my card before

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Suggested solution:

I honestly feel like in team meetings representatives should be taught the same thing and provide there customers with similar and accurate information and I shouldn't have to keep waiting all this time after they told me two business days the second time to keep waiting for them to unblock my card so I can take my money off the card I have recordings of the calls

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