Complaint: Green dot bank froze my $23000 for docs verification i verified them and nothing resolved 3 months now!

on 05 November 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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Hello, I am i absolute need of assistance resolving my problem greendot bank has closed my account without warning after my loan deposit was direct deposited into my good standing account I had with greendot for over a year and not only did I send them the documents they requested with no response back to resolve this but they are little bye little taking out account fees of over $90 from a closed account I can only view bye logging in on the main website limited to only bieng able view my available balance growing smaller with time but the app does not allow me to log in at all! So its been 3 months now and had to cancel my unemployment from the account as well as my self credit building loan i was paying for thier services to rebuild my credit using my unemployment back pay funds that were direct deposited into the same account that has nothing to do with the $12.000 loan that subsequently froze my account that u think would out of courtesy to a good standing customer be released to atleast still pay my bills so now my credit is trashed due to late payments i have no controll over this is redicelus I have sent in the signed sba documents as they requested the only issue I have is my photo id I have been trying to get an appointment with the dmv for weeks to get a new ID and im getting no were with that either i finally was able to get my new birth certificate and hospital records I step foward i was told bye A green. representative that there should be no issue working with me as long as I had the signed documents ..So I sent them in with the documents and nothing was resolved or was there any attempt or alternate method to verify my identity to help me access my money! This is my money they have no problem charging me all sorts of fees i have to watch removed from my account i am outraged and I need help before this happens to anyone else . THANKS FOR READING …GOD BLESS U ALL..

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Help me to release my funds the account has been closed I legally should have been sent a check bye now this is disappointing to see happen to sumone who stands to lose allot more than any amount of money but my credit is trashed over this as well...

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