Complaint: Fraudulant activity caused by Green Dot

on 15 November 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I have been a Green Dot customer for over 10 years. I had some fraudulent activity on my account. I contacted the fraud department at Green Dot. They canceled my card and sent a new one out to me. Of course charging me the $5.00 replacement fee. I received the card several days later. I went to activate my card and register it on the mobile banking app as instructed. When I logged into the app the new card was already set up on my account. I really didn’t think to much of this seeing as they are a bank and they where aware of the activity on my account from before. So fast forward a month or so still not receiving funds back from the first incident. Any how I got a notification that a deposit had been made. Got on my account and was going over the transactions and it had been my pay check. But as I am looking over the transactions my balance goes from $1600 to $30 and a transaction popped up stating a wire transfer just occurred to an email that I have never linked to my account. I immediately contacted Green Dot. I remained on hold through out the day a total of 9 hours. I was hung up on more than 5 times. I ended up losing my job because of having to remain on the phone the entire day. When I finally was able to talk to someone I was told that they had froze all activity to that account and they where unable to even access it. I ask if they could just transfer the funds to the Go2Bank card that they had mailed out to me. One of the four that they mailed. They said no. They said it was for my safety as well. They also told me that the card had been canceled and that they would mail me a check for whatever balance I would have after the investigation. The investigation was to be done by the 11th of Nov. I still had access to review transactions on line and when I got on there on the 8th they had deposited $595 from the first fraud case. On the 10th I went back on there and they had deposited $1500 from the second fraud case. I called and they wont let me talk to upper management and all I need is for the money to be transferred to the Go 2 Bank card. Once I have my funds they will never have to worry about dealing with me again. I just want my money. That was the only funds I had. Because of both of the fraud cases and Green Dot not returning my funds. I have lost my job, my car was towed and I was unable to get it out of tow with no funds and I am about to be homeless do to not being able to pay my bills. I just had to bury both of my children and with the stress of this and not being able to survive due to not getting my payroll I am about to lose everything.Green Dot has ruined my life completely.

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Suggested solution:

Transfer the funds to my Go 2 Bank card immediately or overnight me a check. Even though I have no bank to cash it at and will end up having to pay out of my own pocket to cash it if I am able to find someone that will cash it.

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