Complaint: Closed my account

on 19 January 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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I received an Jan. 5th that I had a deposit of $1006. Within minutes had another that my account was on restrictive access due to suspicious activity. I did not see this til almost 24hrs later. I was sick from the 5th thru the 9th. I did try to log into my account Becuz the said to send pictures of my drivers license, but I kept getting this screen that said they wanted the parameter of a box on the screen. Anyways tried calling them, busy. Called at nite, closed. It was the weekend, so I waited to Monday to try n call them. Finally remembered about their email n sent an email to them at 6am. Called them around 10am finally got thru after 90mins. Lady two was very helpful even though there was a language barrier. She gave me an outside link for me to use for my documents. I sent it in. She said 24 to 48hrs for an approval. Called the next day, got the same last two. She said that they think something is wrong with my I. D. She said do I have two of them. I said yes I do, my license n I have state I.D. she said excellent. So I submitted that. I get an that says DEAR VALUED CUSTOMER, I had another deposit of $2000 that would be available on the 14th. So I’m logging into my account, still not able to get into my account. I call late afternoon finally got thru after almost an hour n I get a gentleman customer two. I explain the whole deal to him, he puts me on hold 7mins or so to check out the problem. Comes back and says that there’s something wrong with my I. D. I said Wat? There no good. Now mind you this is on a recorded line. So I asked him, so you think that my pictures are fake, not real? I said Sir, I can walk into ur bank rite now n pull out those very same I. D. s n show you that I’m for real. He says hang on let me check something, comes back n says yes sir, from Wat I can tell, you messed up on the first submission we she had asked you for frontback pictures of your license. I said how did I mess up? He said that I DID NOT SUBMIT A PICTURE OF THE BACK. I SAID EXCUSE ME? I BEG TO DIFFER. I SENT A TOTAL OF 2 PIXS ON THE FIRDT ONE N 4 PIXS. ON THE SECOND ONE. HE SAID NO SIR IM LOOKING RITE AT IT AND I DO NOT SEE THAT. I SAID ARE YOU SURE? HE SAYS YES. I SAID SIR I HAVE PROOF THAT IS NOT TRUE. I HAVE PROOF OF IT RITE HERE IN MY SENT MAIL. HE SAYS NOPE, YOU ARE MISTAKEN. I SAID OKAY, WAT DO I DO NOW THAT I HAVE A DEPOSIT BEING POSTED THE NEXT DAY ALONG WITH MY BALANCE. HE TELLS ME TO HAVE THE ORIGINAL SENDERS REQUEST MY DEPOSITS BACK N DEAL WOTH THEM ON HOW TO GET MY MONEY. I SAID really??? So this guy gets to play judge advocate on me. On a predicated lie. And my deposit went back to the bank, and I never requested it. So I feel that he took it upon himself to make sure that disappeared Becuz I never got an sayingbthatbit was available. So I still have the card, I’m not allowed to get another card, or open an account n my balance of $1007.73 is still there

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Suggested solution:

If I'm not allowed to have an account with them anymore, I would like to have a CASHIERS CHECK MADE OUT TO ME AND I WILL GO BY THEIR BANK AND PICK IT UP IMMEDIATELY. I NEED TO PAY MY RENT, ETC.

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