Complaint: Closed account with out informing me.

on 30 December 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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I have been using intuit turbotax for 3 years now. R last two tax years (2018 2019) I received my refund on the same card. The turbotax prepaid debit card which doesn’t expire until 032023. Now in the middle of a pandemic as a single mother I’m waiting desperately to receive the stimulus check that would be to support my son and my account is cancelled. Why is there no warning? Why is there no explanation? Why is there numberous complaints online for this same situation affecting so many people who have trusted you with their precious livelihood? Where is the so called fraudulent activity on everyone? Why have we not been informed that potential fraud is happening to us? I hate to say this but this awful year 2020 has really been tough on us ALL! We trusted you as a company to keep us and our financial situation protected. Just another huge terrible hardship from 2020. This year is going to be me switching to HR block online free file services. It’s too bad that green dot bank is not even trying to right the situation. Green dot bank didn’t even inform us so that we could properly prepare for this. We could have gotten on the irs website and changed our direct deposit information had we known. However now their entire website is down and no one has any ideas on if or when we will receive much anticipated financial support. I’m very disappointed. I do intend to take legal action against this. I am just fed up with the way you are not answering our calls it’s impossible to get anything done online and I frankly am out of school until mid January and I am a single mother with an infant and time to just really really be Make or break it to barely feed us until we get the money. Also my major is in criminal justice so I have a few friends who have nothing but time to help me do to tidious paperwork just to be as big as a pain in my side as I’ll be at least a good reminder that you should INFORM US WHEN YOU CLOSE ACCOUNTS!

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Get my card back on so I can get the money from the IRS! I have no idea how you think it's legal to just close accounts without even any single explanation or warning whatsoever!

Closed account with out informing me.
Closed account with out informing me.
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