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on 11 January 2021 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

The temporary card which I bought at the store ended up becoming lost stolen. At the same time the government stimulus checks were being sent out so rather than report the card stolen I put a lock on it. I got hold of Green Dot Bank through their chat line and ask for personalized card to be sent to me after verifying my address I’m saying that they do not know why the first card didn’t make it to me they decided to print another personalized card and expedite it to me free of charge I was supposed to get this card by December 28, 2020. On January 1st I got back on the chat helpline and ask the status of my card. I was told that due to the holidays that FedEx was probably running behind and that it was expedited and I should receive it the following Monday. When the card did not show up on Monday I again got on the chat helpline and asked about the status of my card. I asked the customer service rep if there was any way that I could transfer the funds from this account onto one of my other GreenDot account which I was told no they cannot do that I asked if he can give me the information to the numbers on my card since the temporary card was lost again he’s told me no they cannot do that so I asked to speak to a supervisor. When the supervisor logged on the customer service rep logged off. The supervisors then introduced himself and then logged off and the chat was ended. Each subsequent time that evening, going on to the chat hotline, the chat was ended before I could speak with anyone. Approximately 3 days later I tried the chat helpline again it’s time the representative told me that they were printing the card and that I should have it within 3 to 5 business days. It is now January 11th and I still have not gotten a card and when I get on to the check hotline to ask about the card the check is ended before I can ask any questions. So now I have an account with money on it that I cannot get to, nor will they transfer it to another account. I do not know when or if a card will ever be mailed to me and apparently I cannot speak with anyone concerning the matter.

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Suggested solution:

By either delivering the personalized card that they had promised or transfer the funds from this account to my other active GreenDot account.

Card delivery
Card delivery
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