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on 26 June 2020 about Green Dot Bank in category Banks

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My complaint:

I have called multiple times sent them multiple emails with the documents that they have requested. Green Dot is refusing to unblock my card. They keep adding to the list of things I need to send in and it’s making me uncomfortable because it’s personal information that can be used as scamming. All I did was transfer $84 from one GreenDot card to the other and they blocked my card. Unemployment deposited my money on my card, now they wanted proof of that so I sent it in, they wanted proof of my address I sent it in, they wanted proof of my ID I sent it in. The people on the phone didn’t even try talk to me like a human being, they just kept repeating the email and being rude and a robot. You know when somebody is looking up things on a computer and in a call center because you can hear it. It is dead silent and you have to keep asking are you still there multiple times because they refuse to talk to you, they refuse to help and when you ask they get belligerently rude and are hard to understand. They refused to give you your money back. In doing so forces you to contact your attorney and you end up recording the calls and documenting every email. I have over $2,000 on my card. I had over 6000 yesterday because it was my unemployment checks. I had to pay some bills I went to pay the rest of my bills today and my card was blocked. I got exactly 6144.00 from unemployment that is eight weeks of being paid $768 Idaho unemployment was behind they are just now catching up on a lot of people’s unemployment funds and they’re sending it in one lump sum. And now I have to fight for the to those who have not got their unemployment money. This is ridiculous that money is mine that is supposed to keep my family going during this Covid-19 situation. It does not belong to Green Dot and I feel like they’re trying to scam me out of my money. I’ve done everything they’ve asked. They had no reason blocking my card. So to continue business with me they would need to unblock my card. Before a lawsuit is placed, I will go after them for emotional distress. I will go after them for emotional damages. I will take it all the way to the Supreme Court. I will notify all forms of media, news papers, news channels. I have friends who work for news stations and news papers that would gladly take this story on. I will get ahold of my senator and inform him of what they have done. Believe when I say I will blow this open, because I know there is a lot of people that are going through this. I will continue until they are either returning the funds or they get shut down from to many fraudulent activities. It is so simple once a person sends off the documents they requested they are to release and unblock cards, they legally cannot keep holding people’s funds. They know it is illegal, it is embezzlement and it is fraud and not by state law by federal law. I’m not just some pushover hillbilly that they think is to ignorant and they can push around. I’m actually an educated woman. So they can make it simple unblock my card with my funds or end up facing another lawsuit and losing a lot of money. Because once it starts I know a lot of people will come forward and there are big law firms that would take this case gladly.

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All they have to do is unlock my card and give me my money back the 2084.15 that is lawfully and legally mine. That's all I wanted I sent them documents that should not have to be sent.

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Miangel 11
Miangel 11 (@miangel-11)
4 months ago

I am going through the same thing. If you decide to file a law suit let me know I want to be on board, it’s more victims than we realize