Goodwill Industries complaint: RUDE, RACIST, HOMOPHOBIA

Complaint from KAYDELE reported on 12 July 2023 about Goodwill Industries

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My complaint:


My partner and I walked into this establishment with intentions of thrifting like we usually do. We had grabbed maybe 8 particles of different clothing we wanted to try on. We waited in line for the next person to finish. Once they finished a supervisor named “Vicky” COMPLETELY ignored us. We waited for her to open a door for us for about 5 minutes and nothing. We approached the register where the supervisor was and another associate were just chatting. We waited another additional 5 minutes for acknowledgment and absolutely nothing. By this point I’m frustrated, I try to be polite and let them finish their conversation but when it just continues even when they both see me…it’s complicated rude. I politely interrupted her conversation and asked her if she could let us try on some clothing. She completely looked at me with disgust and had an ugly inappropriate attitude towards us. Someone who has never been to that location before. I’m in sales and a manager. If someone like that was on my team. I wouldn’t have a store making money. That’s besides the point. She made a scene with us trying on clothes. Practically yelled in my face that only one person at a time. ONLY 4 items at once. Just because I approached her and politely asked if we could try on clothes, she gave me orders and rudely refused to let us talk with the door open or closed. She just completely changed my view of goodwill. I go to goodwills all the time with my partner. We spend good money here and honestly if nothing is done about this or I’m assured about anything I’m never buying from goodwill again. I’m a big influencer, I generate revenue and I’m well educated.

Thank you for your time.

Kaytlyn De Leon

Suggested solution:

They should fire her for being racist! She should never work in customer service. She can’t be approached to do her job. She made me feel so uncomfortable that I’m writing to corporate

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