Goodwill Industries complaint: Prices are ridiculous!!

Complaint from Angela Hixon reported on 11 May 2024 about Goodwill Industries

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My complaint:

I’m yet to figure out how it’s legal to sell donations at such an outrageous price… Someone is definitely getting rich off the poor people who are struggling to pay bills and put food on there kids plates…I went today and saw a hoodie they had priced for 20 bucks. You know I understand there’s bills and things they must pay. And pay there employees, but we need to make a stand about this, and get the prices back down to were hard working Americans can afford to buy clothes there once again…Im writing the BBB and the attorney general about this issue..There no longer looking out for the GOODWILL of the people, just there own greedy pockets, and I will not fill it with my hard earned money.ii will take my money elsewhere…

Suggested solution:

They should stop using the goodwill of others donations, to fill there own...and lower the prices. 8 bucks for a pair of jeans should be no more than 4..tops 6 bucks should only be 3...and under no circumstances should a hoodie be 20 bucks..

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