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My complaint:

Baggers do not ask whether or not a customer would like assistance with their bagging, when the customer goes through the self check lines. Please note: if a customer has chosen to utilize the self check line, it is most likely because they would like to self check and bag for themselves. Associates should ask customers if they would like bagging assistance. I find it rude when an associate grabs my groceries and starts to bag them as they desire. I personally choose to bag my groceries, according to the purpose of my shopping for that day. On Sundays, I am actually purchasing for more than one individual. Further, during Covid – 19, I think it is rather rude for anyone to handle my groceries without asking first. Please assist your associates with this common courtesy. The associate today was offended when I said I prefer to bag myself and abruptly threw my pork chops back on the conveyor belt. This was not necessary. She was imposing upon me… Not the other way around.

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Suggested solution:

Please train your associates to inquire as to whether customers in the self check lines would like their assistance with bagging before they touch the customers groceries.

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