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My complaint:

Whoever the manager was, at 1 am of February 23, 2020. A British woman. Was completely disrespectful towards the cleaning lady who has been working there for almost 2 years. Talking to her like she’s WORTHLESS, not even treating her like a HUMAN. The cleaner works max 3 hours every night. And the manager forced her to work for 5 to 6 hours before she could leave. The cleaner has 2 other stores she needs to clean before 7 am. She had to call off the other stores to be able to finish the first one. Like what the hell is that. This manager had no human decency and completely abused her power. YELLING at her in front of other workers , to clean every single thing EVERY NIGHT FOR 6 HOURS. EVEN THE OTHER WORKERS STARTED TO HELP THE CLEANER BECAUSE THEY WERE SCARED OF THE MANAGER TOO. the cleaner literally CRIED because of her. A poor middle aged woman CRIED from being treated like that. FORCED her to DEEP CLEAN EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF AN INSPECTION COMING UP. AND ONLY AKNOWLEDGED HER HARD WORK WHEN SHE FOUND OUT THE CLEANER HAD BEEN WORKING IN THE INDISTRY FOR 7 YEARS.

Suggested solution:

Fire the manager immediately. (A new British hire, female)
Or have her clean the store for a night. See how hard it is.

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